We’re people, we make mistakes. Instead of retroactively editing all of our audio files, we’ll be posting corrections as necessary to this page.

Episode 0.5 – Not Jane Austen

I (Courtney) incorrectly put Queen Victoria’s death in 1902. Queen Victoria actually died in 1901. Therefore, the Victorian period by its strictest definition is: 1837-1901.

Episode 3 – Mary Elizabeth Braddon (Part Two)

I (Courtney) referred to Stoker’s Dracula as a best-seller when, in fact, it was only a moderate success. A very similar novel which came out serially just prior to Dracula, Richard Marsh’s The Beetle, was in fact much more successful than Dracula–and that’s what I was actually thinking of when I made the comment.

Episode 8 – Frances Milton Trollope’s Writing (Part One)

I (Eleanor) said that the New Monthly Magazine’s issues with Trollope might be because she wrote for the Quarterly. I meant the Fortnightly, the Quarterly wasn’t founded until 1873 and Frances Eleanor Trollope wrote for them. Between the temporal timing and the names I got a little confused.

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